Membership Rules


All air bottles must be left at a safe distance away from the Firing Line.

Before shooting, all members must ensure that it is safe to do so i.e. that there is nobody working on the ranges.

One long blast on a whistle is the signal for “Cease fire”. Guns will be discharged into the ground and the shooter will raise a hand to acknowledge that the signal had been heard and complied with. 4. Two short blasts on a whistle will signify that shooting may resume

Guns, when not in use, should be kept unloaded and uncocked, in a suitable case or storage rack. They should never be left cocked or loaded. Pre-charged guns should be left with the bolt withdrawn and the breech open; spring guns should be left with the barrel/underlever broken. Multi-shot airguns must have the magazine removed between lanes.

Shooters, when moving around the club’s grounds, must ensure that the gun they are carrying is safe (neither cocked, nor loaded) and carried in such a way that they have control of the muzzle end at all times and never point the gun at a fellow shooter or spectator.

When loading spring guns, the barrel of a break-barrel gun must be held and the under lever action must be held and pointed down range so as to prevent injury to the shooter or bystanders through accidental discharge.

All horseplay with guns is strictly forbidden.

All shooters are reminded that they have the duty to bring to the attention of the committee/chief marshal if they consider a target to be positioned unsafely. That is, if a target is set so close that ricochets could occur or positioned so that a missed shot could go outside the boundaries of the ground or clear of a safe backstop. They should do this before attempting to shoot the target.


All Members, Visitors and Guests of the Club must sign the club attendance record on arrival at the club on each visit.

All airguns used on the club’s grounds shall conform to the legal limits that are in force at the time (currently 12 ft. lbs. for rifles and 6 ft. lbs. for pistols).

Members inviting guests to participate in club activities shall be held responsible for the behaviour of those guests and shall ensure that they are made aware of, and conform to, the club’s safety rules.

No member shall touch another member’s gun(s) or possessions without first obtaining the owner’s permission.

All members shall make themselves aware of the law governing the possession and safe use of airguns.

Nothing other than approved targets shall be shot on the club’s grounds. No animals, birds or vermin shall be deliberately shot on the club’s grounds or neighbouring ground by club members or their guests.

All Members may use or shoot at any time during the week/weekend from dawn to dusk, non-members may only shoot at weekends and then only in the presence of a range officer or member of the committee.

All members of the club shall have Third Party insurance cover for shooting activities via the club’s insurance policy. Members are advised to cover their equipment for loss or damage via their Household Contents insurance and are reminded that the shooting insurance only applies at the club or at similarly organised shooting events that are run under relevant shooting association rules.

The club does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to members’ (or their guests’) possessions, however caused.

Only lead pellets (or alloys made primarily of lead) shall be used on the club’s premises. The use of any other type of pellet requires the committee’s sanction before use.

Target number plates and other signs will not be shot at.

Members will not litter, spoil or deface the club’s grounds

Radios will not be played on club grounds.

Pets are not permitted on club grounds.

Any member breaking the club’s safety code or other rules, risks expulsion.

Any member who is convicted of an offence involving an airgun/firearm will be automatically expelled.  (See 24.I)

Members shall pay their annual subscriptions when required to do so, and any other shooting fees due to the club. They shall also be responsible for paying the fees of any guests that they may bring. Junior members shall pay half the full subscription.