Airgun Tuning and Repair

Mike Upton has worked on several members guns and always comes highly recommended.

Details from his website:

My Air Rifle Tuning Servicing & Repair Business Is Based On:

  • Craftmanship – High Engineering Precision – Good Customer Feedback – No Nasty Unexpected Prices.
  • My style is to give you constant feedback on the progress & fully test your air rifle personally at every stage.
  • Your Air Rifle is not released until I am happy with the results. Backed up with fully documented Test Data & Range Accuracy Targets.

Geographical Areas Covered :

  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Somerset
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire

Tuning and Servicing Air Rifles from Cornwall To Scotland.

Specialist PCP Air Rifle Tuning Applications Are:

  • Specialised High End Spring Powered/PCP Air Rifle Services /Servicing Repair/ Repairs & Tweaking Tuning
  • For All Target Shooting – FT & HFT Applications.

PCP Air Rifle Servicing & Repairs Are:

  • PCP Air Rifle Repair/ Repairs – PCP Air Rifle Services/ Servicing – PCP Air Rifle Tuning
  • PCP Air Rifle Regulator Design Fitting Testing.

Spring Powered Air Rifle Servicing & Repairs Are:

  • Spring Air Rifle Repair/ Repairs – Spring Air Rifle Servicing – Spring Air Rifle Tuning

Air Rifle Accuracy & Power Checks – Pellet Selection Testing:

  • Air Rifle Power Level & Accuracy Testing – Air Rifle Pellet Selection Testing.

Comprehensive Air Rifle Applications Include :

  • Servicing & Tuning PCP Air Rifles.
  • Comprehensive service & tuning includes replacement of all seals and valves etc. Balancing the hammer system/valve assembly & regulator, to give an accurate, constant fps, high shot count.I have the capability to manufacture and design my own custom internals.
  • Fitting my own designed regulator design to further improve FPS and Shot Count.
  • The Air Rifle is power tested over a full cylinder of air to determine the power band sweet spot & data reports/graphs are generated
  • with calibrated chrono equipment. All the recorded relevent data is supplied to you.

Typical Range of Rifles I Work On Are:

  • Air Arms: S200 to Air Arms S510 – EV2.
  • Air Arms NJR 100 Air Arms SM100 Air Arms TM100 & Shamal PCP’s.Specialist in tuning FT/HFT Rifles to your own preferences
  • BSA Hornet BSA Ultra BSA Scorpion BSA Superten & similar type PCP’s.
  • BSA R10 MK1 & Mk2 Regulator Tuning PCP’s.
  • Theoben Rapids Servicing & Theoben MFR Servicing also Manufacturing some Theoben Parts. ( I FIT ONLY NOT DIY).
  • Weihrauch HW100 Specialist in Servicing & HW100 Regulator Tuning
  • Daystate: Huntsman Daystate X2 Daystate Melvyn Etc.
  • Theoben PCP’s RapidsTheoben Rapid 7 and Theoben MFR.
  • Webley: FX2000 -Webley: Axsor – Webley: Raider – Webley FX: Excalibur -Most Webley FX Logun RWS.

Specialising In Tuning Only The Following Spring Powered Air Rifles:

  • Weihrauch: HW97K & KT
  • Air Arms TX200.

Contact Details:

Probably better to email in the first instance as I work in a busy noisy workshop so cannot always either hear or answer the phone.
Also I am unable to offer any services on either C02 or Air Pistols or just supply component parts. 

Mobile: +44 (0) 7774 940330